Espin Capital is a boutique on-balance sheet private equity investment company operating in Australasia.

Espin Capital focuses on small to medium size opportunities, and will invest into stand-alone assets particularly in real estate, going concern companies in growth sectors and start-up ventures promising attractive economics and future prospects.

Espin Capitals core experience is in the specialized property sector, specifically where properties are available for the development of cash flow enhancing additions such as outdoor media, paid-parking and telephone towers. Complementary to this is our almost ten year track record of identifying and developing outdoor media assets at strategic sites across Australia. Espin Capital also has experience in investing in a range of other sectors including engineering, retail and agriculture.

Espin Capital has an entrepreneurial team with owner management and the decision making process is quick and conclusive. Espin Capital is not bound by the timing pressure of exits as Espin Capital can remain invested for the long term to ensure value creation for shareholders and third party investors.

Espin Capital has executed a number of successful buy-side and sell-side transactions over the last ten years. Espin Capital are not only financial investors as our hands-on entrepreneurial track record means we have the necessary commercial experience to optimize business performance and bring about organic growth.